The musical polymath, Maximus DiPierro known as "Max Volante" is an incredibly talented & versatile multi instrumentalist, songwriter, singer, engineer and producer. The 20 year hailing from New Jersey has a range of skills that go from writing the song to recording the song, mixing and mastering the song to even making the artwork for the song. Being a life long artist you will certainly be able to see and feel the many sonic pictures that Max paints for the listener. It all started when Max was very young. He used to learn songs by The Beatles and then dress up in a suit and perform them on piano, bass, guitar, and drums for youtube. In his early teens he began to make music using the computer for the first time ever. This allowed him almost infinite options to experiment with. Throughout these years he release many electronic mixes and songs for fun on soundcloud under names, Electroniflow, Oxide, and Maxout. In High School Max was not very popular however, making hip-hop seemed to provide hope that this would change. During these years he learned how to make hip-hop and trap beats and proceeded to get local rappers to record on them in his bedroom. This led to many doors being opened. By the time Max was done with high school he had already became incredibly proficient at his craft and was ready to test new waters. After a young love heartbreak, he made and album under the name Heartbreak Margiela titled "A Dark Place" (which is now only available on soundcloud) and another album under the name Shades The Only that was at the time titled "Intro 2 Shades", but is now known as "Lost In The Shade". That project particularly marked the beginning of his blossom as a solo musical power house. This project, released in the summer of 2019 features Indie Pop / Rock Gems such as "Two Four", "Like U Should", and "Fool Me Once". Unfortunately, at the time of this release Max was moving into his dormitory at college and was about to begin a grueling pre season for the mens soccer team so the proper roll out was not the biggest of his worries. He quietly dropped this unmastered yet masterful, youthful, and vulnerable project on soundcloud and it never touch all platforms until the summer of 2021 when Max decided to finally satisfy the anticipation of his supporters. In Max's first and only year of college he began to find himself increasingly isolated from the world. While attempting to replace these necessary social connections with detrimental vices he continue to work on music as always. He worked on many great songs in his dorm room and began to work on an experimental hip hop album called "The Wire Tap" in the fall/winter of 2019. This was the album he teased harder than any other. He had been working so hard to make a seem-less album that didn't contain any noticeable transitions from song to song. This was what he then thought would be the one.  However, Max had been traveling from school, to studios so frequently that he was never thinking about backing up his files and then the worst thing that could happen happened. His hard drive was damaged beyond recovery and just like that all of the work he had been slaving over was lost. This was by far the biggest set back he had been faced with so far. He ended up using this time to take a break from working and eventually that spring he released the most finished rough drafts on sound cloud as a 20 minute long song titled "The Wire Tap Expirience" which is available still only on soundcloud. His records feature whirlwinds of creative sounds designed by Max himself. Max is always trying new harmonies and trying to create exciting melodies and memorable lyrics. Although "Volante" literally means to fly. the 20 year old Max Volante is just hitting the ground running. This is only the beginning of a very vibrant and fruitful journey so make sure to remember the name, Max Volante