the new self-produced album from the life artist, Max Volante. featuring artists Ant Saunders, Krispel, G-Mitt, and Wavy Josef. 

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about the album

This album was compiled as a method to capture the moment I decide "fuck what I'm working on, let's begin a new idea". That is when I am the most free and that feeling is how the creation of every song on this album began. This is the meaning of "escapism" to me. I directing my focus inward as I rise to the creative state to capture parts of myself that many times I am unaware of and bring them into the light of the world. In some sense I am liberating these parts of myself. At the time of writing this I'm struggling to find the enthusiasm to promote this album because I feel so disconnected from the character that is portrayed in these songs. In many cases I feel once I've exiled a part of me into a song, I no longer contain this characteristic. It's as if the part of me that made the song dies in me and lives through the song. It takes a-lot of strength to then display it to the world for all to hear and analyze without any limits. I hope you understand that this applies to all humans who display their creations to the world, and maybe think twice about insulting their work. Let peace and unity be your reality... My favorite tracks from this album are "Quit Lurkin", "Evesdrop!", "Hypothetical", "Excuses", "The Flame I Never Lit", "Wasted Time", and "In 2 Deep", the rest can go to hell. (I kid). Please enjoy knowing that I worked tirelessly on this for no one but myself, however for you, beautiful people, I had to conjure immense strength to package the art and distribute it for all to analyze and resonate with. Thank you for reading and thank for investing your attention and energy in me, the life artist.

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